February 03, 2013

Goals monthly & weekly update- January

I dislike posting two things in one day but I do want to keep my goals up to date especially my monthly one!

→Be more efficient with my time- Good...keepin' busy
→A glass of water every day- I am slowly making this a habit....still have to drink onetoday
→Play piano 4x a week- Done....learning a new song
→Play violin once a week- nope....though a friend I play with wants me to learn a new song....so I need to practice
→Exercise 15 minutes- Still walking alot and trying to remember to stand and sit straight. Need to exercise
→Pass out a tract- I did it! I did it! I was ready with my tracts for 4 days and noone ever came in my way. Finally, I asked my mom for some tracts (cause I didn't have any in my pocket) and right as I came out of the bus there was a lady sitting there....

read a book every month- I finished one for a class in the beginning of the month & I am almost done with 2 others.
create something once a month (digital, crafting, sewing)- I did create some digital things last month....need to do come crafting or sewing!
1 guest post/month- Yes! Emily from Fashioned and Designed guest posted
→1 vlog/ month- My first one....pretty long. Lots of rambling but yes!

practice one song a month together- I was practicing "I can go in" with other friends but practiced with Patrick at home...we might recorded some time.  Already practicing a new one for this month
continue monthly date night - yes....you can see it <here>


  1. I love reading those goals posts ! It's nice to see you're getting better ! By the end of 2013, you'll probably have reached all of your goals !
    Keep on the good work !
    I'll write you an answer (or at least the beginning of it) tonight ! ;-)

    1. I look forward looking back (ok, that sounds weird) over the year and seeing what I have accomplished and what new habits I have formed!

      Can't wait to read your email!

  2. You made the heart photo collage- that's crafting! Double check mark on that one!

    Out of curiosity, because I'm always looking for a good book, what books did you read? (If you want to share, and if you think they're interesting/available to me!)


    1. I know...I wanted to add that but I crafted it in February...so it counts for this month! :D

      The book I read was for college...A documentary on the book of Romans but I have read soooooooooo many books I have more books than I have room. I will send you an email tonight or tomorrow with some titles of books I enjoyed.



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