February 02, 2013

Day Two- Crafting a Picture Heart Collage

Today I want to craft a gift with you! I have seen various ideas of this craft on Pinterest and decided to do one myself. It is a collage of different pictures that you cut out into hearts and place in neat rows on white paper.

I decided to do one with pictures of Patrick and me but there are more pictures you can use. This would be a cute gift for your mom/ parents. Take lots of different pictures of you and your parents (over the years) or take different pictures of you and your siblings and create a collage. Or do you have a BFF? How about using pictures of your favorite memories and creating a collage and surprise her with this little gift on Valentine's day!

I made all my pictures black and white but you could keep them color or maybe more of the vintage sepia look? The amount of pictures is totally up to you as well! I used 18 pictures (because two were to big for my hearts) but you could only use 12 or maybe even use 60 pictures! If you don't want to do it with pictures at all there is another version with newspaper that is really cute <here>.

So lets get started!

To make the pictures small enough I created a collage of 4 pictures on one photo and then went to have them printed out. I made myself a template heart that would be big/small enough for what I was wanting to do.

I carefully laid the heart on top of the picture and always tried to keep the faces/people in the center of the heart. To make sure you have it correct hold it against a light.
After cutting them all out use a broad ruler to put a fold down the middle to give it a 3D effect.

Lay it on your large piece of white paper and plan how you want it to look and which pictures you want them to be.

Take some Elmer's glue and put a line down the "spine" and carefully glue it where you want it.

Et Viola! You are done!

Are you going to make one? If you are...for who? With pictures or with colored Paper?
When you do one, post it on your blog and link up on the 7th! ☺ I  can't wait to see your work


Stop by tomorrow too! You will find little devotional on "Loving the Present". ☺

made by Irismade by Irismade by Irismade by Irismade by Irismade by Iris


  1. cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loooooooove it!!!!! i also like the newpaper one!-Follower of Christ

  2. That is sooo cute! Thanks for sharing

  3. This is so adorable!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Joanne @ http://jmacreativemess.blogspot.com

    PS. I am just starting to blog and is very new to this world. I would love to have you as a guest host in the future.

    1. I'd love to guest post and thank you for following my blog. I hope to see you around here often.



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