February 08, 2013

Day Eight- Ideas for a Valentines Party

Two years ago, my first Valentines day with Patrick, I was in the US at my college. The weekend before Valentines day an acquaintance randomly texted me and asked how I was doing. I was enthusiastic at that time. Patrick had totally surprised me by coming down from TN to FL! I did not expect him...but that is a different story. I told her about Patrick's surprise... but you see, her boyfriend had just broken up with her. It was a rather nasty situation and it would have been her first Valentine as well. She was sad and hurt and told me she "hated" Valentines day. 

What could I do? I never have been in her shoes but I did want her to be unhappy, not let this other persons rudeness stop her from being happy 'cause he sure didn't care. I texted her back much of what I wrote on the first day of the Series.....that Valentines is not about boyfriends and girlfriends but about showing extra love to the people close to you. I told her she could have a party with her girlfriends. She wasn't to excited about the idea but a few hours later she wrote me that they had planned a little party. She thanked me for the idea....so how about you? Why not plan a party for YOUR girlfriends?

Here are some ideas:

Decoration Inspiration:

valentine wreath Idea

The heart yarn wreath....is so simple but beautiful.

I ♥ U boards.....great of a mantel

X O X ....window garland.

Rose heart, burlap, black frame.....what else do I have to say...cute!

 This above craft is super cute and rustic looking.
Food Ideas:

Heart Pita Pizzas

Heart Pizza......how cool is that! 

Heart Carrots.....maybe in a soup?

Heart Frittata......sounds healthy! 

Pina Colada Dip
Pina Colada Fruit Dip....with fruits cut into shapes?!

Meatloaf hearts....how cool is that!

Mini heart pizzas....with faces!!!

Breakfast.....Heart-egg-toast....with heart bacon!

If you just want simple ideas for food...on a low budget but lots of people.... <here> are a list of ideas.

Fun Crafts:

Easy love notes.....I totally want to do these! 

Be mine "hand made" card....nice.

Heart Spools Valentine Plaque
A heart out of spool...different but beautiful

Heart Collage....tutorial by mio! ☺ 

 Newspaper heart garland...when can I do this?
Scrapbooking, Birds, Love....I want to make this one day.

Sweet Gifts:
how cute is this?
Doily Candle holder...simple & everyone will love it.

Valentine Ring Bling....pipe cleaners and Hershey kisses. ☺

52 Reasons "I love you".....for your mom?

Love Note Pillows.....these are pretty. I might do a version of this

I have a few more ideas that I am collecting on my Pinterest board "Valentines Day Everything".

If you have anything on Valentines you'd like to share (or a devotional we might enjoy) you can link up >here<.

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  1. Oh, I totally agree with this- it isn't just about you and your partner! Joel and I are hoping to spend our valentine's day spreading some love to our friends rather than just focusing on ourselves. I don't like that Valentine's Day can make people feel so sad :(

    1. You'll have to tell us what you did on the blog....you can then link up here after the 14th! ;)

  2. WOW! so many ideas! which ones to choose.......ALL OF THEM! hehehe....-Follower of Christ


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