February 16, 2013

Goals 2013 // Week Seven

→Be more efficient with my time- I could have done better.....
→A glass of water every day- I was very bad...I may have drank a glass on one day...
→Play piano 4x a week- Yes! Just love sitting down and playing a few songs
→Play violin once a week- I did practice a few songs this week!
→Exercise 15 minutes- Friday I did my T-Tapp. Boy was I hurting afterwards...and then I walked the dog right afterwards....my legs were tired!
→Pass out a tract- No....the day I have tracts on me and met people I had someone drive me home in the car....next week I need to!


  1. Good for You! I never get the time to exercise anymore! and keep being optimistic on passing out those tracts!-Follower of Christ

  2. How do you like TTap? My family just got it, and I've been meaning to try it one of these days. I really need to do more exercise! :P

    1. I really like T-Tapp. I have a lot of knee and especially back pain...always had and this exercise does me so good. I really know it helps....just not motivated to actually get the DVD and exercise but T-Tapp is great!

      You'll notice that she says "You can do it" just where you think you can't. ;)

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