February 28, 2013

Goals 2013 Monthly Update February

read a book every month-I finished How To Treat Different Church Members by Jack Hyles for school but can only recommend everyone to read it. It was very interesting and inspiring....inspiring to have a heart for others.
create something once a month (digital, crafting, sewing)-A crafted a few cards, I created 4 tutorials, I created a photo calendar and a new blog design....which included creating my own clip art png's.
1 guest post/month- Betsy Gettis gave us 5 great tips on taking better pictures- Go check it out!
→1 vlog/ month- "What I learned last night"

practice one song a month together- The last part of the month got a bit hectic but we still are working on it and want to to sing it in church when we are ready.
continue monthly date night -Ofcourse, with Valentines day...what did you think?


  1. I love the desktop backround! Cant wait to use it in march! (Obviously because it is a owl)hehehehe......good job on your monthy report! Plus you will have to show use those tutorials!-Follower of Christ


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