February 07, 2013

Day Seven - A letter to Your future husband + LINK UP

I love this for so many reasons.Have you guys ever thought, "What is my future husband doing right now?" as you looked off into the distance. In your mind your present life flashes by and then you try to imagine what your husband could be doing....playing with his friends, on a mission trip, working, studying.... I have been there many times growing up but today I want to take it a step further! Write your future husband  a letter.

I must admit I never did that. I wish I had but I never had that idea. Just last summer I was reading the love story of Eric and Leslie Ludy in their book "When Dreams Come True" and that is what Eric did. Whenever he thought about his future wife, wishing he could be sharing that moment with her he took out a paper and wrote her a letter. He told her about the event, his thoughts and how much he longed to meet her. On their wedding day he gave Leslie the whole stack he had wrote "her" over the years. 

How sweet it would be for you to do that! And then to look at the dates together and think about what the other person was doing during that time.

So today, get out a paper and pen and start: "To my dear Future Husband...."

Can't believe it's already been a week! Today is link up time!

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  1. That is such a great idea! i should do that! i think it is a good idea for me especially since i am in highschool and at that age were i sam wondering-Follower of Christ

  2. I like the idea of sharing special moments with your future husband by writing him a letter. That way, even if we meet later in life, we'll sort of have a history together already! I will try to do that.


    1. I know! I wish I would have heard about this earlier! I love the idea. It is like already making history together! And you might be able to compare dates and kinda figure what he was doing at that time! ☺


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