February 08, 2013

The Visa is Here & little things that make me happy

Getting a visa....is not so easy. I told you guys <here> about the meeting.... that she told us Patrick was getting one but that we didn't know what kind of visa or for how long. Acctually we still had to bring a proof of income and when Patrick went to pay and bring the papers they told him they already had it!!! Were we surprised! Of course he didn't have his passport on him so he had to wait till the next day.....

Friday, between classes he went to pick it up.... She gave him a residence permit till Oct 17th. This is an answer to prayer. It does not give him permission to work but we can continue to pray and see what the Lord has in store. The Lord can change hearts and minds....we just need to continue to pray and have faith.

One happy guy and one happy girl behind the camera!

Another fun tidbits of this week:

Fun tissue packs.
 I know...nothing special but its the little things that make me smile and who can say no to polka dots!

My Birds
My one green bird (I know....after the series I will properly introduce you to them all) came to visit me in my bedroom. I brought her back to the cage thinking she might just not know her way back to the cage but nope....soon she came flying in with a crash landing....her style...and sat right back on the little blue stool by the mirror. There she sat all day (leaving poop) till I brought her back to her cage at night...and quickly closed the door behind me.  That day she was all together fun....she sat on my head for the first time. Sorry you can't see her head but its a selfi.☺ And she sat on my jewlery box.

Its been really weird weather. It snows, it rains, it melts, it snows, it freezes, it melts, it hails, it snows....yeah, really strange but today I looked out of my window and just had to share! I LOVE big snowflakes.

 I love mail...and this was a big surprise. I had told you that I had a pen pal... now she diligently reads my blog but today she surprised me not only with a letter but with a CUTE CUTE booklet. I am totally in love. I think I shall just sit and stare at it. ☺

Sending mail
I do try to practice what I preach and sent three letters today. Hopefully two of them will be a surprise.  ☺

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Yeah for Patrick's visa ! Such an answer to the prayers ! I'll of course continue praying for a real job and something allowing him to stay long term !
    The pics with your bird are awesome ! You look really cute w/ the bird on your head :-)
    Mail, yes ! But you're also really good at emails too ! I love reading yours ;-)
    My week has been uneventful expect for lots of experiments, and completing my first semestre of 2nd year of Master Degree as the first student of my class ! God is so good !
    Have a blessed weekend dear Iris !

    1. Wow! First in your class! That is really good Marie!! Are you celebrating?

      Thank you for the prayers and the compliments. :) Hehehe...I love writing emails and letters. Many people don't know what to write but once I start writing....I can write lots! ;)

      Can't wait to hear back from you via email. ☺

  2. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!! i am sooo happy for you two! I will be praying!-Follower of Christ


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