February 12, 2013

Day Twelve- The Secret Admirer


Nope, I am not telling you you'll have a secret Admirer but you can act as one or maybe should I say more like a Secret Sister. Think real hard...... Is there someone who you could be a blessing to, that would at least expect something to come from you? A colleague at work? A classmate at school? Your next door neighbor? Your mean landlord? The mail man? These people can even be within your circle of friends.

Get something or just do something for them.....the key is for them to not know (at first) from who it is. It can be as simple as letter/ card to adding a little gift. Some ideas are flowers, chocolate, a candle, soap, a scrapbook pack......be creative. What could they like? What is something you enjoy giving?

Then try to think what would be the most creative way for them to get the gift. Sometimes its surprise enough to walk up to them and just hand them the gift with a smile and a "Happy Valentines Day!" another time you might want to leave it where they will find it....their desk, the bed, the car seat. 

If you can....be their to watch! Smile and enjoy making someone else happy!

If you have anything on Valentines you'd like to share (or a devotional we might enjoy) you can link up >here<.

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  1. Lovely Iris! :) What a beautiful idea for this Valentines day -- and every day! :)

  2. I love that idea! i want to do that everyday! maybe i'll start with the mailman....-Follower of Christ


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