February 16, 2013

Valentines Day & the rest of the week


We fellowshiped with friends that afternoon....the best part of it was Apples to Apples. ☺

Patrick started teaching Guitar lesson...in German! Hehehehe....now he can practice his German and make money!

Valentines day
Patrick came with this beautiful single red rose. I love these velvety roses. I gave Patrick that heart collage you saw at the beginning of the Series. ☺ He never saw it before!

My Valentine nails....awhile back I had accidentally bought crackling white....so it was a challenge. I acctually wanted a heart on my ring finger but it didn't work and I  just worked with my mess and made what you see above. The heart on my pointer my mom helped me.

Before we went on the date I had Patrick and I take a few pictures in front of my piano. Here my two favorites.

We went on a double date with a couple from my church. Together we went to the Chinese restaurant. Patrick and I tried something new, shared the plate and both ended up super full! It was duck and chicken, with soybeans and the Chinese egg noodles. Yummy! As a pre-dish we ordered crab chips and spring rolls. I LOVE crab chips!

After wards we wanted to do to Starbucks but they were closed so we went to McDonalds. Here in Germany they have Mc Cafe....I never have ordered anything there but I was looking at what they had when Patrick said he wanted hot chocolate....I looked and they had WHITE hot chocolate. Of course we both wanted to try it. Patrick got the big and I got the regular sized. The hot chocolate was really rich but really good.

Isn't my boyfriend so handsome? I love that hat and now his new beard.....cute!

So it snowed over night again.....everything was white white white.....here is a clip of Paxton catching snow....I took some beautiful pictures which I'll share with you next week!


The Giveaway was sent off too....I am excited for Morgan to get it! 

While I was at the post office to send the Giveaway off I also picked up something I ordered a few weeks ago....a Calender of Patrick and me. I did one last year too and this one I got 70% off and only cost € 2.99 plus shipping! Its really beautiful and will be fun looking at last years memories every month.

Look what I have been collecting! I love these dishes and though finding an entire new set can be a bit costly I saw an idea online that you can collect various things and still goes well together....So what do you think? Beautiful is it not?


  1. WOW! what a fun week!-Follower of Christ ps i left a comment on yesterdays post and wasnt sure if you saw it..

    1. Yes, I saw it this morning. :) Its great to seeing someone doing the different things I suggested. So how many siblings do you have? You the oldest?


    2. i have 4 brothers and 1 sister (from 3 to 12) and yes i am the oldest...hehehe....and we are homeschooled...-Follower of Christ

  2. I love playing Apples to Apples, my family always play it whenever we're together!

    1. I normally don't like games but I fell in love with Apples to Apples!!!!

  3. Apples to Apples is one of my favorite games! One time I played with a huge group of about twenty people from church and we had such a fun time!
    That rose is lovely. Deep red roses are one of my favorite flowers.(:
    Mm, white hot chocolate sounds good! I bet it is really rich, though!
    That calendar is too cute! What a fun idea!
    Ooh, and your china collection is beautiful! I always love the blue and white patterned china.(: they All go together really well too!

  4. I know I didn't comment a whole lot during your Valentine posts, but I did enjoy them! :)

    It looks like you and Patrick had a wonderful week. Apples to Apples is a lot of fun! It always makes every laugh. And may I say how pretty you looked for your date? You both look well together.

    Your dishes are nice. I've been doing something kind of similar. I can't get a whole set of yellow enamelware, they don't make it anymore. But I have been collecting bits and pieces here and there when I find it. It's actually really fun to have an eclectic mix like that. :)

    1. Thank you for the compliment! ☺ So you are collecting yellow enamelware? At first I was worried it would look bad but I am actually surprised how much it goes together....I think if we stay within the same style it really does look good.

      You will have to show what you've collected in a post!!☺

  5. That was a full week ! I love love love seeing your pictures ! I think the maps on your church's walls are pretty awesome ! Whenever we get a new building, I'll try to convince everybody to do something similar !
    Your Valentine's day pictures are lovely. The 2 of you in front of the piano are gorgeous...your outfit is so pretty ! Just enough red yet not too much ! And Patrick's beard is great (my brother in law has the same kind of beard I love it too !)
    I'll probably try a McCafé someday, it seems interesting !
    Have a great week !
    Blessings !

    1. The maps are great. That room is our fellowship/ Bible study room and its great to SEE what the Bible is talking about!

      You have to try the white hot chocolate! It's yummy! :)



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