February 18, 2013

Literary Heroine Blog Party- 2013

One of my favorite blogs is having a party....and I just love parties but I must add that the theme of the party is new to me. I pretty much read all Janette Oke books but ....don't kill me.....I have never read any of Jane Austen books. I did not grow up on any classics of literature....I read Anne of Green Gables twice in English and three time in German but that was 6 years ago.  So here we go.....

1.) Introduce yourself! Divulge your life's vision, likes, dislikes, aspirations, or something completely random! 
 I love birds & rabbits. I am crazy about the color blue and falling for the color red, I enjoy reading, I am studying to be a teacher, I am scared of large bodies of water, I love decorating, I am freaked out by bugs....even little moths, I am horrible at writing, I am known for making animal sounds...

2.) What, to you, forms the essence of a true heroine? 
A woman that stays strong in a horrible situation.

3.) Share (up to) four heroines of literature that you most admire and relate to.  
Arianna from "The Gown of Spanish Lace" -Janette Oke

4.) Five of your favorite historical novels?  
The Gown of Spanish Lace, Anne of Green Gables Series, Elsie Dinsmore Series, Canadian West Series, Little House on the Prairie

5.) Out of those five books who is your favorite main character and why?
Arianna....a simple teacher gets kidnapped and held hostage....during this time she learns to make due with what she has, memorizes large parts of the Scriptures and stays strong.

6.) Out of those five books who is your favorite secondary character and why?
Hmmmmm...maybe Elsie Dinsmore? I love her loving and giving spirit. Though the character can seem a little to perfect at time....that is her fault in the book but makes me want to strive to be a more loving and giving person.

books =)
    7.) If you were to plan out your dream vacation, where would you travel to - and what would you plan to do there? 
    There are so many places I want to see but my top dream is Alaska. I want to stay in a log cabin, listen to the wolves at night, I want to hike and be in awe of creation. I want to go dog mushing & sleep in front of a log fire....*sigh*

    8.) What is your favorite time period and culture to read about?
    Moving west....Canada or US....I love the rugged....I like the simple life....I like the Indians. I can see me in that life more than any the Victorian English time....other than being the servant girl. ☺
    9.) You have been invited to perform at the local charity concert. Singing, comedy, recitation - what is your act comprised of? 
    Playing piano or probably flute and having Patrick accompany me on the guitar....beautiful.

    10.) If you were to attend a party where each guest was to portray a heroine of literature, who would you select to represent? 
    Don't know but in this case I want to be someone from the Victorian times so I can wear a big puffy dress. ☺

    11.) What are your sentiments on the subject of chocolate? 
    Once hated it....now I love it. All afternoon I was craving chocolate...and never got any.

    12.) Favorite author(s)?
    Janette Oke

    13.) Besides essentials, what would you take on a visiting voyage to a foreign land?
    Camera!!! And lots of memory cards!

    14.) In which century were most of the books you read written? 
    In the 1800s
    15.) In your opinion, the ultimate hero in literature is…
    The good person bringing justice.

    16.) Describe your ideal dwelling place. 
    A simple home, either log style or brick style, somewhere in the middle of lots of green grass and close to woods. The windows need to be big and the inside bright. The furniture and style needs to be rustic yet soft and homey.

    17.) Sum up your fashion style in a short sentence. 
    Feminine yet comfortable.
    18.) Have you ever wanted to change a character’s name? 
    Only if I read a book first in one language (English) and then read it in the other language (German) and the change they names! #what'sthatfor

    19.) In your opinion, the most dastardly villain of all literature is... 
    Don't know.

    20.) Three favorite Non-fiction books? 
    OK...this might take awhile...I don't like non-fiction books: The Hiding Place, Light from Heaven, ....ummmm....hmmmm...uhhhhh....can't think of another one on the top of my head.

    21.) Your duties met for the day, how would you choose to spend a carefree summer afternoon? 
    Reading, taking pictures while walking the dog, working on the computer.

    22.)Create a verbal sketch of your dream hat - in such a way as will best portray your true character
    I have to chose one? A wide woven straw hat with a colorful band around it and lovely flowers on one side of the rim.

    23.) Share the most significant event(s) that have marked your life in the past year. 
    Starting this blog, starting my Junior year, traveling to the US again, going to the Opry & Rymond.

    24.)Share the Bible passage(s) that have been most inspiring to you recently.
    The Lord has spoken to me through his word and given me many verses this past year but this verse sums them all up in a way....
    My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him. Psalm 62: 5

    I had a lot of fun in this party and wonder what else it will bring!


    1. Iris, I love what you wrote about this party. I participate too and have many answers in common whit you!!!
      I dont' have read books from Janette Oke but I think I will try one.
      Many blessings from France

      1. I wanted to read your answers...kinda hard. The little French I learned in school I lost because I never use it but it was lots of fun participating.


      2. Iris I have a translator on my blog so you could read the post in english.

    2. I've read one Jane Austen book (Pride and Prejudice) and couldn't stand it; literally, all the "heroines" in those books think about is falling in love and getting married! I finished it just because that's my policy for book reading! Iris, have you ever read An Old-Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott? Overall, I'm not an Alcott fan, but that book is one of my all-time favorites.

      1. Never heard of it! I started reading Pride & Prejudice while in the States and never got to finish it (not my book). Patrick grew up with Jane Austin and I would like to read them some time. But I don't like when all girls think about is getting married. There is definitely more to life!

        I will have to look into that book Old Fashioned Girl.

        Thank you,

    3. Can i join?
      1. I love Jesus! I love love best friends that love Jesus! I am homeschooled and spending time with my fam after dinner is the best! I love fashion so much I am going to be a fashion designer! I love owls! I love anything pretty! I love talking with people who will really listen and comfort! And I am always hyper ask anyone!
      2. A woman that looks to God, her Bible, and her godly friends to find wisdom and guidance!
      3. Meg in the Little Women
      4. The Laura Angles Wilder series...The Little Women...Anne of Green Gables that’s all I can think of right now
      5-6.Meg from the Little Women.....and Mary from Laura Angles series...because both are the oldest like me and are very sophisticated and proper...
      7. Paris! To go to the Paris fashion week! And NYC to go to the New York fashion week!
      8. I don’t really know… I guess the time period which the Little Women is based…
      9. Comedy probably…or if singing counts I would do that.
      10. Um I would wear something from the Victorian Age their dresses were soooo beautiful!
      12. Um… Laura Angles.
      13. Camera….and Cell Phone…and of course my Bible and lots of fancy clothes!
      14. Hehe I don’t actually know…
      15. A person who portrays a good godly friendship and relationship!
      16. Where I am right now…a big-ish house filled with family! Or I would love to live in my youth group..hehe!
      17. Trendy but still myself! Every style and print and color put together in my own personal style! That wasn’t really a short sentence…
      18. Um no not really because I only know the character by the name they give them….
      19. Villains…um…I don’t know…
      20. I’m with you I don’t like non-fiction books either…..
      21. with my best friends talking about Jesus and life while rocking out to music…
      22. I don’t like hats…except maybe a black knit hat….
      23. Going through a tough time where I needed to search for wisdom over love….and look for God to get through that time.
      24. This pretty much sums it all up… 2 Corinthians 12:10 That is why for Christ’s sake I delight in weakness, in insults, in hardship, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. This verse has helped me so much!
      - Follower of Christ Ps sorry this is so long....hehehe hope you enjoyed.

      1. Hahahaha....what a fun idea to join! Loved reading your answers!


      2. Thanks! sorry it was soooooooo long!-Follower of Christ

      3. No problem! I don't mind. :)

    4. Alaska! That's my dream vacation destination too!

    5. The publishers will change the names of characters when they change the language? That seems a little confusing and a lot ridiculous to me. :)

      I had forgotten that Arianna memorizes scriptures! I haven't read that book in years. I do remember enjoying it a lot though. :) Janette Oke is a wonderful author.

      1. Normally no....very often it stays the same even if the name is very American. It was the love comes softly series. I read book 1-4 in English and 5-8 in German. One guy they gave a totally new name (I'm ok with that) but took his name (Luke) and gave it to another guy! I was constantly getting confused. I don't know what they translators were thinking!

    6. I've never read any Janette Oke books. Maybe I'll pick one up some day!

      1. Read my first Janette Oke book when I was 16 (A Gown on Spanish Lace) and loved it!!! I can only encourage you to read one. I really like the Canadian West Series.


    7. Wonderful, Iris! Your post was so much fun.

      Hooray for puffy, fluffy dresses and chocolate!

    8. Hello there! :)
      I, too, love the Elsie Dinsmore series and The Hiding Place! And, yes, I agree that sometimes, Elsie can seem a bit too perfect, but she does set a great example of godly womanhood!
      It's so nice to make your acquaintance! :)
      Whimsey Keith :)


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