February 02, 2013

Date Night & Moving Day

Date Night:

Last Friday night we had our date night. I wanted something simple. We watched three movies and ate junk food! Our dinner was supreme nachos.....different than I know it but it turned out pretty good!

The Recipe:

Fry a spicy sausage and an onion till they are warm:

Add to a bowl of corn chips and poor warm melted cheese over it and you are done. Guten Appetit.

Moving Day:

Patrick was staying at our churches Missionary Press building but it was being sold. The Lord opened doors that Patrick could stay in a home of acquaintances of mine that went back in the US for furlo for a few months. So Monday we packed up and "gotta moven".....

My blog name is not "The Blue Birdhouse" for nothing. I really love birds and own four. I will have to officially introduce them some time but let me introduce you to Lake. He was looking around in my room and posed for a few pictures.

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