January 18, 2013

Forgotten keys, Washing-machine, Birthdays & more

This week has been quite eventful:


I went to do some birthday shopping and in order to get the store quicker I used Patrick bike (that was an interesting experience since its a men's bike and way to big....let just say that getting on and off wasn't very modest....and I could only ride standing or I couldn't reach the pedals) Well in order to lock the bike up at the store I needed the keys.

I did my shopping, came back home, we had dinner, did school and what not. Patrick drives home (with his bike) which is about a 20 minute ride only to find out that I still have the keys!!! No, he wasn't to happy to have to ride back, get the keys and ride home again...oops

We got a new washing machine!!! Our old one has not been working for weeks. A friend tried to repair it but always the next thing would not work. My uncle gave us money for a new washing machine for Christmas. I am not kidding that the poor washing machine has been washing not stop ever since we have gotten it!

Also, this day was my Oma's birthday:

I also started a Marriage Preparation Course at church that day. Its been interesting so far. We talked about what the Bible says about marriage: that its good but not necessary to make us happy and to keep us pure before the wedding day.

Wednesday, we applied for the visa which you can read <here>


Every two weeks some ladies of the church will get together and learn to sew, knit, crochet, ect. We are starting with sewing. Of course I already know how to sew but this way I will actually get to sewing! I already know what I'll be working at....and it will be DIY here on the blog....☺

And I am just loving the snow!!!

How has your week been? Later on today I want to take some pictures with Patrick!

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  1. Nice post Iris. Funny that you got a washer this week, because we got a new dryer this week after our old one stopped working about a month ago. I know you don't have many dryers in Germany; I don't know how you do it especially in the winter! I also like the napkin origami, and I can't wait to see what you sew!

    1. You are right, not many Germans have a dryer. After our old one one broke we never got a new one and actually got some money back from the Electric company this year! In the winter...its great for the dry heater air. :D It gets pretty humid in the room for awhile but dries pretty quick.

  2. I bet your glad to have a new washing machine! lol... Were you having to wash by hand? :( That stinketh if so... i hate that! I think our machine might be on its way out too.... Not fun! Oh well. :) These things happen. :) Speaking of these things happen, remind me to tell you about my little car accident the other day. lol :)
    Anyway, Happy birthday to your Oma! Looks like you all had fun. :) Birthdays are fun! Did you get to make her a cake? :)
    The snow is still making me jealous! I miss snow, and i wish it was snowing here right now, its sooooo hot! Arrrrgggg.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. That was a great post ! I loved reading it ! The part about getting on and off Patrick's bike made laugh ;-) I totally understand !
    That's great you have your Oma and you can celebrate her birthday with her. I never knew any of my grandmothers so I'm kinda jealous !
    Have a blessed weekend dear Iris !

    1. Thank you Marie! I do take my Oma for granted sometimes. She is more like a second mom to me since she is only 38 years older than me...most peoples mom's are that old! hehe. But we had a grand birthday. Be on the lookout for my email.

  4. Wow sounds like a very eventful week! Mine was boring you know school and cleaning...haha...plus the sewing class sounds fun! i have a sewing machine just dont use it very often.....haha...and the whole thing with patricks bike...classic..haha-Follower of Christ


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