January 19, 2013

Goals 2013- Week Three

→Be more efficient with my time- Was OK...good days- bad days
→A glass of water every day- Yes!!! Everyday! ☺
→Play piano 4x a week- not so good....I did practiced Hanon and other techniques....I played 3x
→Play violin once a week- nope, didn't do it again *sigh* that is why its on my goal list.
→Exercise 15 minutes- I didn't do my workout but I had to walk to church 30 minutes and back 30 minutes and ride Patrick's bike standing up... good enough?
→Pass out a tract- Noooooo, I didn't do it again. *sad face* Another thing to work at.

Keep me accountable people....I am going to get better!!! 49 weeks to go!

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