January 24, 2013

Grey Days to Glimmering Blog Party

1) What's your favorite thing to do when you've been feeling uninspired?
Read....go on pinterest.....it gives me new ideas and helps me come up with new things I can do and/or write about.
2) Tell us about a really great movie/show that you've just discovered.
Green Acres....I don't know if I can recommend it...yet. I just saw one show yesterday and it was funny and clean.
3) What do you like to do to change your mood?
Listen to godly music....dwell on good thought...pray and just do something fun. Helps every time.
4) Your favorite drink is currently...
A new tea (Rose-hip, Raspberry, Cola nuts) my grandma got for her birthday. ☺ Its not her favorite taste and so I get to drink it. ☺
5) When you hear the word exuberant, what's the first word that comes to mind?
6) What made you smile last?
My dog being rediculous.....he likes his bed but likes to just lay on the carpet as well BUT as soon as you touch his bed or lay something on it real quick he HAS TO lay on it....every time. ☺
7) What five songs would make a playlist to describe your week?
I have a hard time with this since I really am only familiar with hymns....

8) What's at the top of your creative 'To-Do' list?
sew a "skirt" for my skirt-purse and fix my new vintage dress to fit perfectly.

9) The last thing you crossed off the above list was...
designing a new multiple url header for my blog....coming soon....hopefully.

10) Quickly - the first movie quote from the top of your head, please!
Oh my...I am bad at movie quotes. I had to think awhile but came up with: "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all." -Thumper (from Bambi)

11) The best thing about January is...
A new year with lots of plans....and my Grandma's birthday.

12) The worst thing about January is...
Its stress that bleeds into January from December....getting everything done you put off during the holidays.

13) What's your #1 resolution for 2013?
Finish college classes!!!!

14) And lastly, share a quote or verse that you've found especially inspiring lately.
"My Soul, wait thou only upon God; for thine expectation is from him" -Psalm 62:5
Trust in his timing,
Rely on his promises,
Wait on his answers,
Believe in his miracles,
Rejoice in his goodness,
Relax in his presence. 

I had such fun being apart of this Blog party.....but there is more!!! There is a giveaway going on and you can be a part of that too! Go head over Accordion to Kellie.....


  1. I think I'll join this blog party ! It looks like a lot of fun !
    My answers will probably be really similar to your though !
    I can't wait to hear from you !
    Have a blessed day

  2. Lovely! Thanks for joining us, Iris:)

  3. Cool! I am the same way with movie quotes.....:)-Follower of Christ

    1. Hahaha....I asked Patrick and he right away gave me a quote from the Princess Bride. The one the spanish guy says all the time...see I already forgot it!

  4. I like the quote you came up with in the end, though!
    I love rose hips tea. I can't imagine what that combination tastes like, mostly because I can't imagine what Cola nuts taste like. Still, rose hips tea is good!


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