January 16, 2013

My New Cameo Nacklace

Today is the day....Patrick is going to get his visa....going, so he can hopefully receive his visa.....ok I should have more faith....he is going to pick up his visa

The pictures of this outfit I took last week on my last day of watching the old lady. I had bought my first cameo the weekend before on sale. I have been wanting a cameo....but I hate to spend money. I saw this cameo at SIX marked down from €10 to €3!!! That is one-third of the price. I was so happy. I wore a cute outfit Sunday (but I always forget to take pictures) and decided to wear another outfit to match my new cameo and show it off to you guys.

Do me a favor and PIN these pictures if you like them! ☺

So do you like cameos? Do you own one?

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  1. Your outfit is lovely! As is your cameo--I've always loved cameos.(:

    I hope everything goes smoothly with Patrick's visa!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  2. That's a great outfit ! I love the cameo, though I don't own one. I'll be looking around the sales and see if there's any affordable !
    Have you received my email ? I send it on manday on your blog adress...
    Have a great day Iris ! I'm off pining the pics of your outfit !

    1. Thank you for the compliments. I don't know if you have "SIX" in France but they have nice and affordable jewelry! No, I never received an email! Can you try sending it again to thebluebirdhouse@ymail.com?

      Thank you for pinning! ☺

  3. I love cameos to the death, especially yours!! They seem to go with anything under the sun. I wish I had one in every color. :) Your outfit is perfect.


    1. Hahaha...one in every color would be great!I do love the beautiful grey of this cameo though!

  4. i wish i owned one! i should buy one but like you i hate to spend money!-Follower of Christ ps. i hope things go well with the visa. :D

    1. Just keep your eyes open for sales! I saw that that store had a lot on sale and I new from the past that they sometimes had cameos.....and they had a cameo on sale when I looked! :D


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