November 06, 2012

Election Day

Today is the last day to go vote....take time to do so! Last time I wasn't registered yet but this time I and my Dad did some research and got me registered to vote even when I live in Germany. If you don't really know who to vote for read Ashley's post from Stay-At-Home Daughter. She gives you resources and a checklist on how to find out which one is closest to what you believe.

Here are few pics of me and my ballot.

  I wonder who will be living in the White house soon!?


  1. What a small world this truly is sometimes. I could not help but notice the Bexar County ballot you were using. You have at least one follower in Bexar County.

    1. Wow that is awesome! Are you a faithful reader of The Blue Birdhouse? How do you follow?



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