November 01, 2012

Fall Foto Session

This Monday we took the dog for a walk....OK we wanted to take pictures and combined it with walking the dog. With my grandma as the chaperone and photographer we headed out into the cold and walked among the beautiful vineyards. We all had fun taking pictures! I was excited to get pictures, Patrick was just being plain silly and funny and my Oma was chuckling behind the camera as she pushed the burst button and took pictures of us deciding what to do and getting ready to take pictures. There were a lot of times we were just laughing soo hard!

A few inbetween shots:
What pose are we gonna do? Hands on our hips?

Ready....get set....juuuump?

Love this pic....we both jumped and this picture looks so fun!

Who knows what we were talking about??

Good doggy sat there and waited.

Patrick's silliness:
seriously...these are just a few! 

If you know Patrick....this face is so him! I got to see some home videos from when he was 2-5 and he did this exact face!

Or here we are just laughing!

 Here are more "normal" pictures

Totally Patrick's idea!! :D

My grandma's idea!


laughing can't be helped with that man! ♥

I do love him but sometimes.... :D

 Which one(s) is your favorite?


  1. I like the one wit y'all throwing the leaves up in the air. :)


  2. I love the fifth from the bottom :) Too cute how you're looking at him, and the scenery is gorgeous! I love seeing other young people in pure, sweet love :) I am such a hopeless romantic! :)


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