November 23, 2012

Pinterest Fun - November 23, 2012

Here are a few neat and beautiful things I found on Pinterest. I tried to keep everything in red. ☺ Red can be a beautiful fall color...or Christmas color! Any body decorating for Christmas today?

This is just so beautiful. I wonder where this was taken?

I just love the painted checkered wood! Even Patrick liked it. Maybe one day....

I love owls and this would be a great storage/ decoration!

Source: via Iris on Pinterest

Who wants to have tea with me here?

POLKA DOTS!!! I love storage/decor
Source: via Iris on Pinterest

I think this is more of a summer wreath but pretty none the less!

Anybody else think this is cool? A great idea for a larger family.

Source: via Iris on Pinterest

There are so many more...but which one is your favorite here?
And how was your Thanksgiving my American friends?


  1. i absolutely loooooooooove the owl jar!!!!!!!!!!!-Follower of Christ

    1. I was thinking of you when I posted it. ;)


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