November 17, 2012

Friday's cookies and other fun stuff

Today you get a peak into our Friday. My Oma always brings "Brötchen" home for lunch but this time she brought some yummy yummy cake!!!

Look at this...

During lunch we like to sometimes watch a show on youtube.  This time we watched "A Lucy Show".

For dinner my mom and oma had Patrick try Fish out of a can. Here he is trying the different samples:

After dinner we played a game of Yahtzee. I won the first game. :)

When my Oma looked through the Yahtzee box she found 2 Yahtzee sheets I started a few years back. WOW! ☺

Since I am not a big game person I "wanted" to do some more school but my mom and Patrick talked me into making some peanut butter cookies. ☺ Patrick took a few pictures of me.

Here they are...fresh out of the oven. Don't they look gooooood!

Patrick thinks so! :D

Getting ready to go to our church Thanksgiving fest. We always invite alot of lost people. They come for the food and we (the Pastor) preaches to them first! :D

What are you up to this weekend? ☺


  1. That black cake looks delish! So do your cookies! I can see you two are really having fun! -Follower in Christ

    1. We are really enjoying being together! Soooooo much!

    2. I'm sure!-Follower of Christ

  2. That sounds like a fun way to spend the afternoon. Most of my family's entertainment comes from YouTube!

    1. Patrick and I love youtube. Especially during our LDR it gave us something we could "do together". All our movie nights were spent on youtube. :D


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