November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Pictures & Other Activities

Last Saturday our church celebrated Thanksgiving with lots of guests. We do it every year, over 10 years. We invite Germans to celebrate an American Thanksgiving but before that we preach to them and tell them the gospel: Salvation through Jesus Christ alone. 

My friend Erin and I have been working on this song but since its written for four parts we never sang it. When Patrick came we quickly gave him the music and practiced together. We all are very busy and did not get to practice often but we did it anyway...and it turned out good...kinda....some parts are kinda off.

We sang in German of course but its a translation from Higher Ground written by Johnathan Hamilton.

On Tuesday I had to clean in the Christian School and teach piano. There is a lot going on this week and so Patrick came to the school to help me clean after he was done with classes. He was such a great help!!! When you have to clean three classrooms, all the floors and is GREATLY appreciated! :D

Thursday was THANKSGIVING and what a blessed time it was. So much fun! We had a wonderful turkey dinner and pies for dessert. Afterwards we played Apples to Apples and 1000 Places to See Before you Die-The Game. There was a lot of laughing and fun, fun, fun! After I took a picture of the turkey in the oven my camera had a hard time shooting sharp pictures. The family we celebrated with are professional photographers and I will get more pictures from them later. (I will just add them to this post and tell you when I uploaded them. ☺)

Germans don't do Football....they watch soccer....☺

Patrick's screen did not work shortly after he got here. His new screen came today and he put it on. He was so nervous to mess things up but it worked great on the first try! Proud of my man! ☺

By the time you all read this (except my Australian friends) I will be on a wedding! Yes, one of my class mates is getting married! Though many friends have been getting married in the States I never could be at the wedding. I am really excited! It will be interesting to see what Wedding traditions they have and do since they are Russian-German Baptist.☺

This class mate was probably the closest I was with during my school years. I always tended to be somewhat of an outside/ loner but if there was school projects and I needed someone to hang out with, she was always there! I will have to show pictures next week. ;)

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