November 10, 2012

Haircuts & Date Nights

No, we didn't cut hair on our date night. ☺ Patrick was needing a haircut it was getting to that "kinda-to long-still.-ok-length". A lady in my church just got some clippers she's been wanting for her guys and asked if I'd be interested in her old ones. I gladly took them and then...Wednesday was my first time cutting human hair. (Yeah, my dog Paxton had to let me snip on him a few times.☺).

I was extremely nervous but had an idea on how to approach it between watching my friend Crystal cut her brothers hair and watching a few Youtube videos. Though the perfectionist side sees a few things I want to do different next times, it turned out pretty good.

Patrick watched a Lucy Show on youtube and I cut hair

We had our first date night here together! I decided to cook and Patrick picked the meal. He wanted me to cook the meal I made him ever...Chicken Alfredo.

This is how it looked like...Mmmmmmmmmmm

Patrick was so sweet and surprised me with some beautiful red roses and After Eight favorite. I was sooooooooo surprised!!!

Here my mom took a few pictures of us eating. Patrick is always being silly!!!

After dinner we played a few rounds of Master Mind. Do you know this game? How do you like it?

 Before we watched the movie Emma we were being silly. Patrick was holding the plate of cookies and I asked if he was planning on holding it throughout the movie. If he was he had to hold it up high. I then snatched it away but Patrick continued to hold his hand up and I started setting things I found around me on his hand: my Bible, a pillow and my red high heels. :D

Sorry for the horrible quality picture

This morning before working on other things Patrick and I sat on the couch and read our Bibles together. How fun! ☺

What are some things you have been up to this week?


  1. beautiful! it looks like you two are having so much fun together! good job on the haircut!
    -Follower of Christ

    1. We are having fun! It is wonderful being able to see each other every day! Thank you for the compliments. :) I was so nervous. :D


  2. this is so sweet, it looks like you both had a great time. you come up with the best dates: chicken alfredo, a game, cookies, and Emma!! Perfect! :D

    1. We did have a great time! And we both had not seen this version of Emma... only the popcorn was missing but we were sooooo full from dinner! ☺


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