November 02, 2012

Pinterest Fun - Nov 2, 2012

I have always enjoyed finding great ideas and inspiration online. If I really really liked it I would download it and save it in a file on my have Pinterest!

Here are a few pictures I collected this week:

Beautiful plaid skirt
Oh how I love this outfit...
Great fall/winter outfit
I love the colors, the plaid, the cute beret, the kerchief/shawl around the shoulders....
Beautiful fall outfit
adorable rain boots *GASP* LOVE THEM!
Don't you just love these owl rainboots?
Vintage tweed wool cap. 1950s.
Create this Frosted Pinecone ornament by tying a bold ribbon and applying spray snow.
Cute Christmas decoration
cone ball
I will have to try this sometime!
Another cute birdhouse idea
sweet little birdhouse
country style
A windmill birdhouse - cute!
Caramel apple toffee dip! This is super easy and looks delish!
Caramel toffee dip. Mmmmm
Beautiful! Wow, love the roses and the music sheet!
Isn't this just gorgeous??
pretty kitchen
Cute country kitchen!
wittle bunny wabbit
Cute bunny picture
Are you on Pinterest?


  1. I am on Pinterest. Follow me-- "Jo Kautt".


    1. Following you now on Pinterest...follow me back...always pinning new things! ☺

  2. Following you on Pinterest! (Kathryn Siegwart) Love your pins! Did you know that you can embed your pins in your blog post, so your readers can click on them and repin them themselves? (Like I did on my post here:'s really easy: you just click on the pin you want in your post, then click the "Embed" button to the right of the pin-- then copy the HTML it gives you into the HTML window of your blog post! ;)
    I used to save pictures I loved too-- now with Pinterest I can do that, AND peek into other folks' scrapbooks as well! ;)

    1. No I didn't know that! I will have to do that on my next pinterest post. ☺ Thank you! Also started following you on pinterest.

      Pinterest is so addicting and inspiring.

  3. you can follow me if you would like :) "Anna Alsin" love your pins :)

    1. I'm following some of your boards! Thank you for following me Anna. :)


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