November 20, 2012

I {heart} Birdhouses

You might have figured, after reading the title of the blog, that I like birdhouses but today I thought I would show you I do. I have been meaning to show you my birdhouse collection but after chatting with one of you guys I finally went on a picture shoot. :D

I don't like getting dirty but I do love gardens. As long as I can remember I have always liked garden theme decoration but especially in my later teens I started seeing what I tended towards and started changing my childhood room into a more adult looking room, I wanted it to be blue and garden theme, especially BIRDHOUSES.

My birdhouses were either given me, I crafted or I would find a cheap birdhouse decoration and that is how I slowly collected these birdhouses. I really don't have any room anymore so I have not been getting more birdhouse decoration.

In the picture bellow are a variety of Birdhouse stuff. You can see two Bible covers I got and totally love. Especially the one in the right corner is my favorite (denim, birdhouses, garden & sunflower...can it get any better!)  The birdhouse picture frame I found and HAD to buy now sits on my nightstand. The "snow" globe was gifted to me by my step-mom last year and the cups were all gifted at to me. My very first birdhouse cup is the far right. Its still my favorite though I love all!

Bellow you see my two favorite birdhouse decoration. The birdhouse garland is so simple yet cute and the color blue is soooo beautiful. The Birdhouse-house on the left has a little story to it that I might share in the future. ☺ Lets just say I prayed that I could have it and 9 months later I got it as a farewell gift from the love of my life.

Do you like birdhouses? Is there anything you are crazy about/ collect?


  1. WOW! and i thought i was obbssed with owls! but compared to your MASSIVE collection mine looks really tiny! I loooooove the birdhouse garland and the birdhouse bookshelf and the denim Bible cover!
    -Follower of Christ
    p.s. thanks for doing my idea! your collection is soooo amazing! i am so glad i got to finally see it!

  2. I am glad you enjoyed it! :) I do have quite a few owl things too.... ;)

  3. That birdhouse knickknack shelf is so cute! Your post reminded me that my mom once made a 3-D birdhouse cake for my sister's birthday; ought to show you a picture sometime, you'd love it!

    <3 Emily

    1. That would be so neat! :D Maybe an idea for my next matter how old one is...decorated cakes are people's favorite! :D



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