September 10, 2012

♪♫ I want Jesus More Than Anything

I want Jesus in my life 
More than anything this world can offer me 
For I know that He alone can satisfy 
Just to know His leading in my life 
Is worth everything that I might sacrifice 
Oh I want Jesus more than anything 

Take the fame that I might want 
And all the things that seem so dear 
I’d rather have Him than any praise 
That men may give to me 
I want Him to have control 
And be the breath of life in me 
I’d rather have Jesus 
I’d rather have Him than anything 

He had power without end 
From the heavens He rule the universe 
Countless angels waited on His every call 
But one day I saw Him all alone 
On a road to death and untold agony 
Just for me He suffered, oh, what a price to pay 

As I go on through life with Him 
There can be no other way 
I want Jesus 
I want Jesus 
Oh, I want Jesus more than anything

If he could do so much for me I should want him more than anything! 


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