September 03, 2012

Media Mondays- September 3

Guess what, today I start back up with my classes.... yeah another year of taking notes, studying, tests, homework, taking notes, studying, tests, homework, taking notes, studying, tessssss...☺ For this reason you will not be hearing from me very regular. I will come on here as I find time. Patrick and I will keep you posted on the BIG move. I will blog more modest outfits, some of my devotional truths I learn or photography as I find time.

So before all seriousness starts....

I actually had planned to show you a 30 minute video of Mr Bean but for the first time I found something that I can watch in Germany but it is blocked in the US! Normally Patrick and I have the problem that he wants to show me something and I look only to see "This movie is blocked in your country....." Since most of my readers are in the US I thought of something else. Have you seen Mr Bean's part in the opening of the Olympics 2012? It is FUN-NY!

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